The Legendary Jerry Geraldo & Jerry Geraldo Promotions:

Jerry Geraldo Promotions is located in NYC. Jerry Geraldo is an Events Organizer, DJ, Producer, Promoter, Host, and Music Artist of Puerto Rican descent. He is also an entrepreneur involved in several businesses and has advanced degrees.  The multi-talented Jerry Geraldo delivered the hottest independent dance album of 2022 which reached 1 million streams. 

The album Jerry Geraldo “Toca La Musica” and “Toca La Musica Film” are a dance trip around the world with scenic locations starring professional dancers & models that tells a story from beginning to end through movement. On the album itself, you will find a mixture of various Dance Club, Hip Hop, and Latin styles.

Jerry Geraldo is also executive producer for several music productions on his own record label Encendido Records.  

As an events promoter he has worked with Copacabana, Sensual Movement, V-Spot, EL Que Sabe Sabe, Partyhunter, Jimmy's NYC, RetroClubNYC, The Attic Rooftop and others. Jerry Geraldo is the most recognized independent producer, events promoter, dj and host on the east coast. Check out his Eventbrite for the latest events: